F3-W car scanner
You can open automotive code scanners Trouble diagnosis menu in the system main interface and select【American Series】

Here take 【GM】for an example.
After entering 【American series】 the auto diagnostic tool menu shows the current auto manufacturers of American series for testing. Select the menu on the GM (GM series) icon to enter the next level menu of GM series.
Menu displays 【V5.1】,this information is diagnostic program version information of GM series that currently in testing.

Note: Select the version you need or the highest version to test or diagnose, the highest version of the software is fully compatible to the existing version.
Select the version that currently need to test into the next level menu.
The automotive diagnostic scan tool main unit menu displays【Select Year/Model (please contrast the tenth bit of VIN code to enter).
The origin and definition of VIN code:
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), is a group of code designated by manufacturer for the sake of identifying a vehicle. VIN code is composed of 17 letters, also known as 17 identification code, or 17 bit number. Vehicle identification code as the only identification of the vehicle through the permutations and combinations, can make vehicle of same model do not occur re-number phenomenon within 30 years,. Thus it can be called "Auto ID card."
The location of VIN codes:
 1) Except the trailers and motorcycles, they are on the door hinge column, door lock column, or the column of the joints of door lock column, close to the driver seat; fixed in the left side of the dashboard; fixed inside the door, near the driver seat.
2) Except the outside vehicle door, should be easily read from any parts of non-moving vehicles.
3) VIN code of most Chinese cars can be found in the left side of the dashboard, and under windshield glass.
4) On motor vehicle driving license, new driving licenses at "VIN" column are generally printed with VIN number;
5) Other places: such as the insurance policy, various nameplates of the engine room, the drivers side door pillar and so on. The most common and  general locations are the left side and right side of instrument panel, hanging upper bracket, the luggage compartment, beams, nameplate of fender inner plate.
Note: take【(9) in section 2009】 as an example.

Select 【(9) 2009】Year/Model【the vehicle identification】 information, which displays the model that can be tested.

According to the system that currently need to test select vehicle model that need to be tested.

Entering into【Vehicle Identification】information to choose(1)Chevrolet, appears 【2009 Chevrolet】
VIN coding selection window, compare and choose according to the vehicle body VIN code.
Note : Take VIN code“V”for example.

【System Selection Menu】 shows 【2009 Chevrolet 】can test system list (power, body, chassis systems), click on the System Diagnostics Project for fault diagnosis.
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