After connection, press【start \ shutdown】 with attention to method and related matters to start Fcar automotive scan tools main unit, after entering into【the system main interface】, then open trouble  diagnosis menu to choose【Chinese series】.

Note: take VW Audi as an example

To find VW Audi on the menu through the 【Page Up】、【Page Down】in the bottom of the auto scannner tool main unit menu.
Click【VW Audi】series icon to enter the next level menu.
Notes: In the menu of Fcar automotive code scanner, VW Audi series were distributed in the menu of domestic series and European series respectively. In actual operation, make sure that the series that currently need to test whether belongs to European series or domestic series. Domestic series have FAW-Volkswagen and Shanghai Volkswagen, the specific distinction can be obtained from the vehicle nameplate or instruction and other relevant certificates that can prove vehicle identification.

The information currently displayed on the automotive code scanner menu is the diagnostic program version information. The menu displays that the version information is V5.7.
Note : select the version you need or the highest version to diagnose. The highest version of all software are fully compatible to the existing version.
After selecting the version number the menu enter into the software menu list. the software of the model in current test is divided into general system, power systems, chassis, comfort systems, electronic systems, functional scanning.
Note: In this menu the maintenance technicians can choose the car computer scanner menu that meet their own needs according to the system that currently needs to test and test environment, time and such factors. For example: The current maintenance technicians need to quickly test the engine systems, then select the menu 【power systems】for quick access to the engine functional diagnosis. If currently maintenance technicians was engaged in the work of other functions and need to check whether the vehicle electronic control system is normal, then select 【Functional Scan】to test. During the functional scan, maintenance technicians may continue to engage in other work, waiting for the tested system and system conditions displayed on the menu after finished scanning, thereby saving time.
Take 【General Systems】as an example. Select 【General System】to enter the next level menu.
The menu display: 01-engine, 02-automatic transmission, 03-anti-lock brakes, 08-air conditioning system, 09-the central electronic control system 09, 15–Airbag, 16-Electronic steering wheel, 17– combined instrument(anti-theft), 18-Attached / auxiliary heating system, 19-Gateway, 22 four-wheel drive. Maintenance technicians can select to enter the system to test based on the system that needs to test.
Note: The system displayed on the above menu are not actually existed in every vehicle. Different model, production sites, sales areas, configuration number, the system configurations are different. If you need to select some system to test, you need to ensure that the
vehicle to be tested is configured with this system, and the power supply of the system to be tested is normal. Only when the signal communications becomes normal entering the system to test can be allowed.
Select the appropriate test system for testing, when in the current menu can not find a suitable test system, you can operate the function key 【upward, downward】below the menu to search system.

Technical note:
(01-Engine) means that the address of the engine control system is numbered as 01 address by vehicle manufacturers. (17-Dashboard combination (anti-theft)) indicates that the vehicle has two conditions exist, one situation is the instrument system contains anti-theft system, and the other is the instrument system does not contain the anti-theft system, in both cases you can enter system to diagnose. More detailed technical description please refer to vehicle maintenance manual.
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