1 Power can’t be Turned On After Connecting Vehicle Diagnostic Socket?
Possible Cause: Check whether the diagnostic port have 12V power supply voltage; whether the connection between diagnostic main cable and connector of main unit is ok; check whether vehicle battery voltage is higher than 10V; whether main cable diagnostic connector have any damage or breakdown etc.
Solution: Check vehicle system voltage and main cable diagnostic connector.
2 Automotive diagnostic scanners Screen Doesn’t Display Except Backlight After Startup
Possible Cause: the power connection don’t touch well
Solution: ShutDown and repeat Pluging / Unpluging the power supplier, StartUp again after 1 second.
3 Automotive scanners Screen Displayed Abnormally After StartUp
Possible Cause:SDCard isn’t inserted well;SD card program damage; Supply voltage is too low
Solution: Take out SD card and insert again; Download SD card upgrade program: Checking the supply voltage
4 Auto diagnostic scanners Screen Displayed “SD Card Can’t Be Detected” After Startup
Possible Cause: SDCard is dirty with oil, or oxidation, also damage by upgrade incorrectly.
Solution: Wipe SD Card in a little alcohol with cotton tipped applicator; Change new SD Card
5 Screen Flickers or Not Enough Bright After Startup
Possible Cause: Vehicle power voltage is not stable or the voltage is too low, the supply is not enough for the automotive scannersmain unit.
Solution: Check the Battery power and circuit.。
6 Can’t Input Data After Opening Soft Keyboard
Possible Cause: Touch screen is not accurate to adjust; the cursor location where is not editing.
Solution: Adjust the auto scanner touch screen again; Use the touch pen to click the editing part, if the cursor is flickering, means it is editing
7 Screen Doesn’t Respond or Responds Wrongly When Touch Stylus Click
Possible Cause: The automotive diagnostic scanners touch screen need adjust again(Note: you need adjust the screen after
SD card upgrade every time)
Solution:  the detail information Ref: “3.4  Screen Adjustment”
8 The Tested Result Can’t be Printed Out or Printed Unclearly
Possible Cause: Lack of the print paper; Mounting paper incorrectly or reversely;
Solution: Update the high quality heat sensitive paper and take out the paper and mount it again.
9 Unable To Enter The Failure Diagnosis Program
Possible Cause: SD Card internal program failure;SD Damage
Solution: Upgrade SD Card diagnostic program again; Change SD Card
10 Displayed “Authorization Doc.Error, Pls Contact Dealer” When Diagnose
Possible Cause: The SN in SD Card and Main Unit are not matched
Solution: Download the relevant main unit diagnostic program, and make sure the correct software upgrade following the operation instruction.
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