Starting Up automotive diagnostic scanners Interface
Connect the power supply, press the power switch key, the screen first appears FCAR automotive diagnostic equipment identification, then at the top of the starting up progress bar appears【if you want to adjust the touch screen please click screen directly】,
If you need adjustment of touch screen, please at this time click on anywhere of the auto diagnostic equipment screen with the touch pen to enter into adjustment mode. During the adjustment of touch screen you must use touch pen to adjust.
If  don’t need for touch screen adjustment, the system will enter into the desktop in 2ms.  
Starting Up Screen Adjustment
If use touch pen to click on anywhere of screen, the main unit menu enter into the touch screen adjusting mode.
The main unit screen prompts 【Please click cross cursor (the more precise alignment , the better your adjustment)】, according to the prompt, click on the cross of the screen in turn with a touch pen counter-clock wisely from top left corner of the car diagnostic tool screen. (Cross cursor in the four corners of LCD screen respectively). After entering adjusting mode will display the menu.
After adjustment, and the main unit shows correct information , then log on to the desktop menu.
Desktop Menu Description
When the auto scanner main unit starts normally, the main unit will enter the desktop menu,The top of desktop is the menu bar. Desktop background displays product models, update Web site, the service network.
Desktop top from left to right are
1: 【Diagnosis】
2: 【System Setting】
3: 【Professional Dictionary】
4: 【Repair help system & Screen Keyboard】
Note: in the bottom right position of the menu shows ****date ** month ** year representing the last update time of the software program.
No. 1 Trouble diagnostic program
2 System setting
3 English-Chinese Dictionary
4 08 version: Soft keyboard09 version: Auto Repair & Maintenance Database
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