FCAR F3 auto code sanner main unit built-in mini thermal printer, adopting the way of direct in and bent out, reduced the risk of printing stagnation. Table 2.1.7 is the printer parameters.
1.Pull up the bracket behind the auto code sanner main unit, take the main unit bracket out from the mounting hole.
2:Pull the paste open in the back of the main unit cover, pull up the leather case in the main unit bracket slightly, remove the auto computer code reader main unit from the back-end of leather case.
3:Put the auto scanner main unit flat on a table or other flat surface, pull out the printer cover under the auto code sanner main unit, take out the printer cover.
4:Take the printing paper navigation bar down from the printer.
Note: When taking out the printing paper navigation bar, first take down the left side( navigation bar left side has no gear) and then the right side, the wrong order can lead to abnormal wear on the navigation bar gear or navigation bar damage .
5:Unpack the printing paper provided by FCAR company and pulled out printing paper from the roll of 5cm or so, put the printing paper into the installation slot, hold the printing paper beginning end.
Note: the exit of printing paper must be installed downward, the wrong installation  direction can result in the printer can not print.
6: Install the printing paper navigation bar on the navigation bar bracket.
Note: when installing the print paper navigation bar first install the right side of navigation bar (the right side with gear), then place printing paper in the most middle (if printing paper is not in the most middle of the navigation bar, can cause the printer jams or the contents printed out drift ), and then install the left side.
7: Passing the printing paper out from the paper exit in the back of printer paper cover, according to the reverse order of dismantling printer cover to install the printer cover, and to ensure that the printer cover board bayonet and the main unit cover locked.
8: Tear down the extra printing paper,(normally tearing the printing paper off rightward).
9: Main unit power on, select Print on the main unit menu, and check the results printed out to ensure that the printing contents normal, no stagnation and abnormal noise phenomenon.
10: Install the main unit protective case
11: Install the main unit stand.
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