All systems that adopt ECU for automatic control, if the factors which effect the coordination between ECU and the components have the changes, then must do the basic setting.
1)After change new ECU, it haven’t the characteristic of storing throttle body
then need do the basic setting;
2)Replace or dismantle and assemble air intake need do the basic setting;
3)After clearing the throttle body, although the characteristic of idling throttle valve potentiometer haven‘t any changes, but under the same opening angle of throttle valve, air intake have had an abrupt change, so has the idling control characteristic, also need do the basic setting.
Types of Basic setting for auto scanner
1)ECU basic setting. The typical one is the basic setting of throttle body;
2)The basic setting of electronic automatic transmission;
3)The basic setting of electronic steering system;
4)The basic setting of body electronic control system;
Such as : The basic setting of power seats with computer memory function, the basic setting of headlight automatic adjustment device, matching of the key anti-theft system. Part of the Audi A6, Bora sedan equipped with gas discharge headlamps. The illumination angle of this headlight cannot be manually adjusted, but automatically controlled by lighting distance control unit. No matter what the car's load changes, can ensure the beam of Low-Beams remain unchanged and to prevent glare. If the automatically adjustment device of headlamps occurred failure, it must be conducted basic setting to recover the function of lighting distance automatic adjustment.
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