EIS computer, often combined with key anti-theft, plays a very important role in Benz cars. Here introduce partial matching function combining with 220 chassis.

Fcar best vehice scanner display system menu after entry to system, select “Controller code”.
Select the first item” Read code and modify if necessary”, and Fcar best auto scanner(FCAR F3-W car diagnostic tool OR FCAR F3-G)will firstly prompt warning message after confirmation.Here user can enable or cancel voice control system, Cellular fluid heater hose, instructions or audio, wiper fluid hose heater, distance control, tire pressure monitor, hernia lights, rear windscreen, electric locks, rear air conditioning, trailer identification, parking identification, auto-dimming rearview mirrors and so on. In this function item, click on the appropriate option, Fcar Mercedes scanner will obtain current settings, user can set these options according to prompts and condition of the vehicles.
Such as matching voice control system: select “voice control system” in menu to enter submenu, and user can set according to prompts, “Coding complete” will be shown after confirm.

Write VIN code
Select the first item in menu: “Read code and modify if necessary”. Fcar Mercedes scanner first display “After input 17-bit code, VIN will be saved in control unit”. When replaced with new vehicle computer, VIN code of this vehicle needs to be written in.
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