The method for Fcar auto scanners to set Benz Infotainment system(D2B)Infotainment system has become a basic configuration among high-grade cars. It includes Multimedia Video system(TV), Advanced Sound System(VSC),Telephone system(TELEPHONE)etc., which enables passengers to enjoy home-theatre video, but for the demand of safety first, Benz made a good integration of safety and entertainment. Next, make a brief introduction of some common matching of Infotainment system (D2B)in 220,210,170,chassis.
Among S class cars of 220 chassis and E class cars of 210 chassis after Aug.,1997, for the sake of safe driving of driver, TV function will be automatically screened when hand brake release or gearbox in non-P position, so that driver can focus on driving. But if there were passengers, it’s allowable to watch TV during driving. In order to meet different demands, just need auto code scanners to switch above mode in D2B system.
1, Connect Fcar OBD II code scanner;
2, Select“D2B system”;
3, Select“controller code”;
4, Select“TV Parameter”;
5, Set” release hand brake” respectively (when hand brake release)and “Gear select lever not in P position”(Gear not in P position, enable/disable TV function).

For SLK series of 170 chassis, no TV system, but after replacing battery, need to decode Audio. Now the method for Fcar OBD II Code Reader  to set:
1, Connect Fcar auto code scanners;
2, Select “D2B system”
3, Select ”Controller code”
4, Select to use Audio system code, after click operation, turn off ignition switch and
5, For new model of S, E series, due to D2B system is equipped with memory function,
audio code won’t lose after battery taken out.
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