Where is the diagnostic socket for Cummins ISC  engine?
There are two diagnostic positions for imported Cummins ISC engine: one is 9-pin above instrument; another is 3-pin near computer board harness.

How to resolve it when Fcar diagnostic code reader can not  diagnose Cummins ISC engine?
This vehicle has 2 diagnostic sockets: one is 9-pin above instrument; another is 3-pin near computer board harness. The reason for failure to diagnose as below:
Harness from 9-pin diagnostic socket to instrument is relatively long. Long-time running of vehicle will result in short circuit of line and bad contact.
Need to use 3-pin diagnostic socket
Use 3-pin diagnostic socket to diagnose,
Connect diagnostic line with jumper box and main unit respectively.
Connect with 3-pin diagnostic socket and jumper box pin(See Table 1):
Coonect external cigar lighter and external battery voltage with main testing cable:Note:
must use battery voltage on the same vehicle,making sure above 12V,otherwise the mutual
impact of different voltages result in failureto diagnose system.
Enter menu and select【Diesel】—【Cummins】—【V5.8】—【Cummins diesel engine】
—【Cummins ISC engine-24V】—【Read DTC】—【System normal】
Name Jumper box pin Diagnostic connector voltage V Diagnostic connectorpin Function of pin
Connect pin
No.6 pin 2.08V 6CAN+ Signal +
No.14 pin 2.10V 14CAN- Signal -
No 0V C pin shield
Table 1 Cummins diagnostic connection table
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