As professional multi-functional intelligentized auto code readers, FCAR car diagnostic scanners follow International Standard Design. With the big color touch screen, high resolution display integrated structural design, single-track working and touch operation etc these special designs make you feel more easily, conveniently and faster during diagnosis.

It aims to set the matching and synchronization job between the ECU and Actuator (Throttle, Idling Control unit etc)
Note: Click【Prev】【Next】Button switch basic setting channel No. , you can also input the group No. in text box with soft keyboard directly.
*In addition, it must satisfy all conditions of 【basic setting】before matching

Knowledge of Matching Setting for Fcar car code scanner
The basic setting of Electronic Control Unit on modern automobile, also known as setting, matching, programming, initialization adaptive and coding, is one of the technical problems often encountered in modern vehicle maintenance service. Now the vehicles are commonly equipped with a variety of electronic control system. Electronic control unit is the core component of electric control system. A lot of electronic control units (such as electronic throttle control unit, seat electronic control unit, rear view mirror electronic control unit, vehicle window electronic unit, skylights electronic unit, door lock electronic control unit, etc.) are with memory function, after the replacement of parts under their control, or unplug the battery cable when repairing faults, it is necessary to modify the information that stored or memorized in these electronic control unit, so that all the components of the electronic control system can adapt to each other, otherwise the system will not work normally.

Objective Factors of basic setting for Fcar car computer scanner:
All systems that adopt ECU for automatic control, if the factors which effect the coordination between ECU and the components have the changes, then must do the basic setting.
1)After change new ECU, it haven’t the characteristic of storing throttle body
then need do the basic setting;
2)Replace or dismantle and assemble air intake need do the basic setting;
3)After clearing the throttle body, although the characteristic of idling throttle valve potentiometer haven‘t any changes, but under the same opening angle of throttle valve, air intake have had an abrupt change, so has the idling control characteristic, also need do the basic setting.
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