1 Connect FCAR automobile code reader Main Unit with main testing cable and testing connector to vehicle diagnostic socket, Press Power on to start Main unit,

Note:  if can’t start after connecting the power, Pls check the fuse of cigar lighter wire harness whether is good, the connector with vehicle and main unit whether is ok or not.

2 Use automobile code reader touch pen to click【Auto diagnosis】(Main interface first menu)function, screen will display vehicles models menu.

3 Then select vehicle model or electronic control systems, here take【China heavy truck】for an example.

4 Use auto scanner select the testing system, take【Engine】system for example, after clicking【Engine system】

5  Click again【Engine】system, screen will display communication status.

6 Readout ECU Version Number, select【Readout vehicle computer model】function can readout this system ECU version information

7 Use auto code reader Read DTC, select【Read DTC】function can read this system storage DTC
8 Clear DTC, click【Clear DTC】can clear this
system storage DTC.

Note: after clear DTC, when read DTC again, if still have DTC, means the faults haven’t solved completely, pls solve these DTC firstly to clear them. Then show clear DTC successfully.

9 Readout Data stream, select【Readout Data stream】function to readout this system data

10 Component test, select【Action test】function to do the action test of actuator components to check the components status.

Note: before doing this component test, ignition switch should be “ON”, Don’t start engine (except the especial components and test items).

11 Select consistent function test menu to do
the components test.

12 Readout injector QR code.
Select【injector data】function, then select
【read all injector codes】function.

13 If communication is normal, screen will
display each cylinder injector QR code.
14 Write QR code. Parts of vehicle need recode for the QR code after replacing injector. select【write injector code】.

15 Click “Ok”, then select corresponding cylinder injector to write QR code.

16 Pls input correct injector QR code base on the hint, QR code can readout from this system function, or view new injector configuration QR code.

17 Click【OK】, screen will display update successfully for injector coding.

18  System setting, in second menu【system setting】you can do the system setting to FCAR auto reader scanner main unit, in【system info】you can view main unit system info and use【Diagnosis】function to do the self-diagnose. Other function menu you  can set base on your demand.

19 System Activation. The main unit need do permanent activate so that can use without times limitation. (Now it is activated by FCAR automobile code readers when shipping if the product isn’t a DEMO. normally the testing demo is 50 times activation)
Permanent Activation method: In the second menu of main interface【system setting】【system active】function, you can see the system signature, then
1) open the website: http://www.fcar.com
and login in
2) Click “ System activation” in the website, (like figure 18-1) then put the “System signature” number of the Main unit into the website
3) Click [Generation] button, then will popup one series number total 15digits Act. SN.
4) Input the 15 digits into the Act.SN of the Main unit (like Figure 18 –  need input Act.SN)
4) then click [OK] to active successfully to us

20 En-Cn dictionary function. In the third
menu of main interface select【EN-CN dictionary】function menu. Can input English
word to translate, query.

21 Screen adjustment. Click the centre of  “+” cursor in turn to adjust screen(“+” cursor will show in turn on left superior、left inferior、right inferior、right superior of the screen)
Usually it is requested every time to do the adjustment, when you feel screen inaccurate or click slowly in the use, you can select the menu for the adjustment. But it must be adjusted the sreen after upgrade every time.
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