Good extensibility, FCAR auto code reader communication interface adopts flexible drive circuit which not only can perform current auto bus request,but also the auto bus request in the furture.
Built-in high and low speed CAN-BUS, to satisfy the CAN-BUS electronic control system vehicles , Just only one diagnostic interface can test all of vehicles with CAN-BUS.
Fcar vehicle diagnostic code reader support All OBD-II protocols.
Q: Where is the outside temperature sensor of BMW 318I?

A: Outside temperature sensor of BMW 318I is near left front wheel and triangle inside front mudguard.

Q: Does Buick Excelle key need programming? How to use Fcar auto scanner code reader to programme?

A: Replacing and matching Buick Excelle key, Fcar car computer scanner required to use for programming key. Programming method as follows:
Blocker programming key: Click on the menu to enter [blocker programming key] - [Please insert the first key in the ignition switch] click [Confirm] button - [Open ignition switch] Click [Confirm] button - [Blocker programming done, please turn off the ignition, remove the key, click back button to return] (follow the prompts to complete).

 Q: Where is the diagnostic socket of Peugeot 307?

    A: Between instruments,in front of neutral gear and under glove box. Inner pad of glovebox needs to be removed.

Q: Where is the diagnostic socket of 1999 Honda Accord 2.3?

A: Its diagnostic socket is in left bottom of instrument, blue 3-pin diagnostic socket under A pillar(Pic.3)
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