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Vehicle:Volvo XC90
Model Year:Sep,2006
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Fault phenomenon:
   Car owner said left side Electric rear-view mirror sometimes good and sometimes bad , and occasionally can be used when roads are poor, the owner was forced to adjust the rearview mirror by hand.
Fault analysis and inspection:
        Based on the owner’s description that sometimes good and sometimes bad, there may be line connection loose and poor contact due to damage of adjustment switch, check method as follows:
   According to body line analysis, only the door can cause poor contact of electric rear-view mirror line, long floating. Base on analysis, dismantling door skin and left electric rear-view mirror to check the left rearview mirror line, and found left electric rear-view mirror internal line plug corrosion, rust. After cleaned with rust remover and small blade, install the rear-view mirror option switch for debugging, electric mirrors work properly and then install accessories, door skin, door internal handles and glass lifter switch.
   After installation, dismantling parts to confirm whether it is normal, and found the electric door glass cannot work properly, according to the model analysis that this car with glass anti-pinch function, preliminary judgment is anti-pinch function is lost, and need to use manual methods to match:
For door and electric window matching, first turn on ignition switch, and lower glass to bottom and hold switch for 30s. After 30s, raise glass to top and hold switch for 30s, and then wait for a few minutes. After body computer finished adaptive formatting, ignition switch required to be turned off and telephone ignition switch to be turned on, and raise and lower lifter whether normal or not; if abnormal and fail to raise and lower glass, then please repeat above steps till work normal.

Note: Old models don’t have glass anti-pinch function; only new models with high configuration have this function.
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