Different vehicle series adopts different diagnostic protocol, even for the same series, the protocol adopted continuously changes and updates. In our scanner, 7 types are concluded, basically including all kinds of communication protocol currently available.
(1) CAN communication protocal
(2) KWP2000
(3) VW protocal
(4) VPW format: Variable pulse width. Logical width uncertain, with depends on rising edge or failing edge. Logic 1 expresses in wide pulse in rising edge or narrow pulse in failing edge.
(5) PWM format: PWM is pulse width modulation. It has 2 lines, one pull-up, and another pull-down. Using pulse width length to represents Logic 1 and 0.
(6) Benz with additional bit protocal
(7) Flashing code format: its feature is to obtain fault code information through measuring the number of pulse outputted on diagnostic line after triggering diagnostic function of ECU.
Wide Power Design  
Voltage change between 9~27V of Fcar atuo scanner enables to support 12V as well as 24V gasoline vehicles. Fcar auto scanner is a scanner that can support both gasoline and diesel version.
By adopting advanced design philosophy, especially flexible drive circuit and universal channel switching circuit that effectively reducing quantity of diagnostic connector, Fcar Auto diagnostic scanner brings great convenience to users.
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