1)Audi A6L service information setting
After Audi A6L maintenance, need to reset service information, setting method as below:
1, Select CAN/OBD-16[BT01-037]connector, connect well with Far scanner;
2, Instrument system----Adaptive matching—Channel Group 02 ---Adaptive value change to 00000---Confirm;
3, Instrument system---- Adaptive matching—Channel Group 42 --- Adaptive value change to 00150--- Confirm;
4, Instrument system ---- Adaptive matching—Channel Group 43-- Adaptive value change to 00150--- Confirm;
5, Instrument system ---- Adaptive matching—Channel Group 40 --- Adaptive value change to 00075--- Confirm.

2)Audi A6L Service reset
Solution to MMI not showing prompt for Audi A6L Service reset and after reset.
The specific steps are: Use CAN BUS connector to enter 17 --10--02—00 service zero, close switch and reopen to enter channel 40, it turns out to be 150. If you want MMI to display 5000KM, then modify to 100; then enter into 41,it turns out to be 365,if you want it to show 90 days, then modify to 275, and exit when modification complete. Reopen switch and press MMI control CAR button, find service in which has what you want. Note that for some instruments, you may not modify successfully at one time, then modify a few more times until modification success. Also must exit completely after modification, otherwise not display other channels and not need to modify, keep as they were. Prompt: The original is 150 which represents 15000, use 150 to subtract the number you want, the result of which is the number you need to modify, for example 15000-5000=10000, that is 100.It’s the same case when modify 41, use 365 to subtract the number of days you want, for example 365--90=275, then 275 is the number to be changed. And so on, you can modify as many as you can. The premise is still that the other channel data can no change, if change, then has to adopt other calculation methods.
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