In order to meet different types of vehicle fault diagnosis interface, we designed flexible drive circuit after comprehensive analysis of structural features about all currently existing vehicle fault diagnostic interface communication circuit in the process of designing auto diagnostic computer. The so-called flexible drive circuit is a drive circuit that can configure flexibly. All kinds of structure elements have been preset in system and these elements can be used to building a matched driver circuit to realize corresponding drive function based on actual situation of vehicle models to be diagnosed during diagnosis.

Flexible drive circuit is composed of circuit switching matrix and relevant drive circuit. Switching matrix contains of lot of relays. Through flexible configuration, Software can realize all kinds of bus structure such as pull-up drive, pull-down drive, and differential drive.

After configuration, flexible circuit can support the following bus circuit structure:
1:K line drive2:L line drive
3:Resistance pull-down drive
6:  High CAN BUSdrive
7: Unibus CAN BUSdrive
8: Fault tolerant CAN BUS drive
9: Drive circuit
10:Drive circuit
Can generate the following drive voltage:
5V, 8V, 12V, 24V

Advantages of Flexible drive circuit:
Reducing diagnostic connector type configuration saved the trouble for user in selecting which kind of connectors in use. This is also the reason why diagnostic connectors of Fcar car diagnostic computer are less than that of other brands. Besides, this flexible drive technology can finish all kinds of existing or unknown auto diagnostic functions without replacing any diagnostic box but just by updating software.

All the 3 models of Fcar auto diagnostic computer(F3-W,F3-D.F3-G vehicle diagnostic scanner) ,equipped with SD card, can be updated directly from Fcar website for the latest software.
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