After using Fcar check engine code reader replacing engine computer, computer does not record the current matched injector coding (computer board doesn’t save currently installed on the engine), can lead to abnormal engine fuel consumption, engine power reduction, the injector code must be written into the engine computer board, so that let computer board have proper fuel supply according to operating state of engine total system.
Operation Methods: (all engine control system components are connected properly, the vehicle ignition switch in the ON, the engine is not running)
 A: Fcar auto scanner connect with vehicle diagnostic socket;
 B: Turn on Fcar engine code readers main unit switch to switch on main unit, select the diagnostic menu;
 C: According to current maintenance models, select models on menu successively - the engine model, enter;
 D: After enter system first choose[read DTC] and according to content of fault code to make the appropriate treatment. After treatment select [Clear DTC] to ensure system no fault code;
 E: Select the menu [Write QR Code];
 F: Follow the prompts to write the corresponding fuel injector code for each cylinder and confirm to save.
     Note: If replacement of the computer version, injector QR Code can be viewed on the injector, the injector code is composed of numbers and letters. If the old PC version can enter system and read injector code while the fuel injector not replaced, can select the [read QR code] menu after entry to system, print and save the QR code of each cylinder read. After installed a new PC version, you can input respectively, note the code inputted of each cylinder need to match with the actual, mismatch can cause increase of engine fuel consumption or decrease of engine power.
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