New model of Audi A6L/A8L/Q7 with electronic parking brake system, rear brake cylinder with electronic parking brake motor, cannot compress motor manually, must through withdrawal and release of vehicle code reader. Operation steps:

1, Connect Fcar Audi code reader
2, Turn on the ignition switch;
3, Select ”Parking brake”;
4, Select ”Basic adjust”;
5, Input matching value”007”;
6, Remove tire and replace 2 rear wheel new brake pads;
7, Select “Basic setting”;
8, Input matching value “006”;
9, Clear DTC, turn off ignition switch;
10, Exit Audi code reader software and complete.
If it’s Audi A8L, then need to input thickness of brake pad; A6L don’t need. Operation method:
1, Connect Fcar Audi code reader
2, Select “Adjust”
3, Input channel No.“006”
4, Input new matching value ? Namely the thickness of brake pad, can be measured with caliper, normally the thickness of new brake pad is 12;
5, Input matching value“12”;
6, After confirm, the screen will show “matching successful”
7, Clear DTC;
8, Turn off ignition swtich;
9, Exit car computer scanner software and complete.
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