After entry to ME2 engine, Fcar check engine code reader will display menu, select “controller code” to enter submenu. Read and execute code.
Select the first item of submenu: “Read and execute code”,Fcar car code reader first read code unit No., code, chassis No., and prompt whether to transfer code to new control module. If select “No”, then back to previous menu. If select ”Yes”,then prompt to close ignition switch, next display replace old control module with new control module and prompt to open ignition switch. Fcar check engine code reader shows read vehicle computer information. Transfer the above data and prompt whether to carry out identification.
After confirm, Fcar auto diagnostic scanner judge this control module whether interlocked or not. If interlocked, then prompt “failure to identify, vehicle engine control unit has been locked!”, and return to main menu. Otherwise prompt to input chassis No.
Entry to control unit locking after finished, Fcar check engine code reader prompt “Important! After starting engine for 40 times, engine control unit will be automatically locked! Times of engine starts”, next prompt to start engine, and shows engine speed about 1 minute. Thereafter prompt ” this control module whether match with vehicle? Whether start to be locked”
After confirm, prompt warning information: “Warning! cannot change once control module installed on vehicle! whether start to interlock?”, finished locking prompt ”cannot change after control module interlocked ”.At this moment, special attention to input of chassis No. in the whole process and cannot go wrong.
Clear code
Select the second item of main menu: “Clear code”.Fcar engine code scanner will prompt”Control module reset to uncoded state, whether to clear code?”. If select “Yes”, then code will be cleared and display “Code has been cleared, engine control unit not interlocked, not have in this vehicle”. Then back to main menu, otherwise directly back to main menu.

P/N Idle, Shift lever in P/N
To perform this function, engine is required to be at running state. Select the third menu of main menu: Idle, shift lever in P/N. After entry to menu, Fcar engine code scanner will first prompt test conditions. Then prompt related cautions.
This function can only be performed when temperature over 80℃. If this condition met, display adjustment menu, including setting rated speed of engine, current rated speed of engine and actual speed of generator. User can use +,-or 0 to set idle speed.+ means idle increase,- means decrease,0 means cancel previous setting. Exit when user finished setting, engine will automatically save and execute this setting.
Idle, shift lever in drive gear position
Select the fourth item in main menu: “idle, shift lever in drive position”. This process is the same with the setting steps of the third item, just at this time shift lever in drive position.
Select the fifth menu in main menu: “Adaptive”. This menu has following function: Original initialization, Gear sensor adaptive zero, adaptive data.
Original initialization. its procedure as below:Fcar first prompt whether need to clear matching value.
1, If necessary ,then return to main menu. Otherwise Fcar will execute initialization and prompt ”Original initialization has been executed, turn off ignition switch ”,then turn on ignition switch again. Fcar engine code scanner reenter system and prompt ”Complete after waiting for engine control module running, Pls wait…”
2, Gear sensor adaptive zero. Entry to system, Fcar will display ”flywheel ring gear adaptive value zero(increase gear)?”.If select”Yes”, then return to main menu after sensor value zero, otherwise return to main menu directly.
3, Adaptive data. Select this function item, Fcar will display adaptive data of all cylinders.
CO setting to vehicles without three-way catalyst
Select item 6 of main menu:” CO setting to vehicles without three-way catalyst”. Entry to this function item,Fcar will firstly display warning information. Then display adjustment menu.
 User can use +,- or 0 to set the current value. Among which,+ means correction value increase,- means decrease,0 means cancel the previous setting(reset).If want to check the effect of setting, pls press Exit button, Fcar prompts it will save automatically if correction has been executed.
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