I will take Take Audi as an example. Modern car setting transportation mode: during storage and transportation, manufacturers restricted partial functions of comfort system and radio: Such as door alarm light not warning anymore; connect No.15 power line, interior light, footlight, trunk light not on; Not connect No.15 power line and when open door, interior light on for maximum of 30s and then off; Radio cannot switch on. The reason lies in further restriction on discharging of battery, so as to maintain the staring ability of vehicle (battery state).
Modern high-grade cars all set this function like BMW, Benz, Audi, Touran and so on, so when inspect commercial vehicle PDI and breakdown maintenance, need to check whether set transportation mode.

Take Audi as an example: 
1) Setting and cancel of Audi A4 transportation mode
1, Connect Fcar car diagnostic code reader and turn on ignition switch;
2, Input “17”to enter combination instrument (Radio is 56)
3, Input”10”function for adaptive;
4, Input channel No”99”, set the value as 1(transportation mode active),0(cancel transportation mode).
The corresponding operation also can be done through VAS5051 function navigation.
1, Select ”Boot type function query”;
2, Select “Vehicle system or function select “interface:
3, Select “17-combination instrument”;
4, Select “Set or close transportation mode”(radio and combination instrument),then
transportation mode of radio and combination instrument can be closed at the same time.
This operation can also be done by selecting “56-Radio“on “vehicle system or function select”
2)Setting and cancel of Audi A6L transportation mode
Due to electronic parts used on vehicle more than Audi A6L, the demand for electric energy increases. In order to monitoring load state within battery, in extreme cases , need to regulate electrical equipment through comfort CAN(Car LAN)to prevent battery over discharging, so as to ensure vehicle can start at any time. So A6L is the same with A8D3, added power management control unit (J644).

Setting and cancel of transportation mode for A6L is different from A4
1, Connect Fcar automotive diagnostic scan tool, turn on ignition switch;
2, Select” 61-battery regulator”
3, Select”10 function adaptive”;
4, Input channel No. “01”, set value as 0(cancel transportation mode),1(setting transportation mode).

The corresponding operation also can be conducted through boot type function navigation.
1, Select “Boot type function query”
2, Select “Vehicle system or function select” interface;
3, Select “maintenance work”
4, Select” J644 power management enable/disable transportation mode” and follow steps.
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