With the development of car industry, cars have become much more complex than before. Thus, auto manufacturers began integrating on-board diagnostic (OBD) systems, which continuously monitor the vehicle's functions. For example, if an engine problem appears and it is serious enough, the "check engine" light goes on, which gives the driver indication that it is time for a repair. Thanks to the OBDII diagnostic systems, people nowadays are able to diagnose their cars through themselves.

Some people may doubt why he needs such a vehicle code reader for there are so many repair shops in the city. In fact, going to the repair shop is costly and time consuming. And if your car breaks down when you are driving in a lonely place, how can you go to the repair shop and ask for a professional help? But if you have an car code reader around, this annoying situation can be solved much easier. You can use it even though there is nothing wrong with your vehicle, it can prevent troubles and keep your car healthy and last longer.

Fcar vehicle code reader is a good choice for you,it match many type of cars,such as Elantra,now i will tell you how to use Fcar vehicle code readers match Elantra remote control.

Is Fcar vehicle code readers able to match Elantra remote control? And How?
Some Elantra models can match remote control, like Elantra from 2004 to 2009, 2-button
remote control and a white 10-pin diagnostic socket next to OBD16 needle, matching remote
control method as follows:
(1) Turn off ignition switch.
(2) Use jumper box to connect with 10-pin diagnostic socket, No.7 pin of jumper box connect
to K-line 5V voltage of diagnostic socket, VCC connect with 12V power, GND connect to
(3) Switch on vehicle code reader sand entry to [Elantra engine system] - [remote control match] – after
press [match] button,after screen shows "match ..." ,then press remote control lock key for one
(4) If need to match the second remote control, please press another remote control lock for
one second.
  (5) When screen displays "matching,,,",  please complete the remote control lock button
operation within 10s.
  (6) Click [Confirm] – operation steps complete.
  (7) Press unlock button with the remote control, door unlock the door normal, match complete.
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