1, Q: Logos appear not move (picture freezes), no response after click on the screen?
  A: (1) In the case of shutdown, re-plug the SD card, then restart;
      (2) The upgrade is not successful result, re-upgrade the SD card or SD card for an upgrade.
      (3) upgrade operating method of automobile code reader: (SD card must be initialized before program updrade) to open Fcar official website, enter [ user name and password] - [Select Download Center] - [Select  scanner model to be upgraded(such as: F3-G] - [select full upgrade package download] - [click  save (any browser to the desktop or D drive)] – after download is complete, double-click interface [Click browse to movable disk] - [Click upgrade (need more than 10 minutes)] - [upgrade complete] - [take out SD card and install is on scanner]
 If: can not properly use the car computer scanner, please contact after-sales department, we will help you to solve as soon as possible.

2, Q: Click vehicle system, main unit auto power off and auto restart, why?
  A: This is because system of machine not activated, there is only tens of use opportunities.The following are the 2 kinds of activation:
(1)Permanent activation,which needs to contact responsible personnel for assistance.
  (2) Frequency activation, can visit the Fcar official website, [select Download Center] - [System Activation] - [Enter the user name and password] - [Select Login] - [input signature / PN] - - [enter the activation code] - [select generate] – there will be a row of 15-bit activation number on the below of desktop, input this number into Fcar automobile code reader.
A, Operation method for finding signature code: to supply power to car diagnostic scanner, turn on power switch of scanner, click the second menu on the desktop, select machine activation, enter signature code into computer to generate, then input the 15 digit number on internet into auto diagnostic tool menu Click [confirm] to complete the activation.
B, Note that do not power off and operate vehicle diagnostic scanner during operating frequency activation, otherwise activation will be failed, need to re-operate.

3, Q: The screen adjustment interface would appear every time when power on without
clicking screen.how to solve it?
A: (1) check whether there is foreign matters stuck between housing and screen, the screen will back to normal after remove foreign matters.
   (2) If membrane on touch screen has bubble or curls, it will back to normal after tear off membrane (in order to protect touch screen, better to paste a new membrane).
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