On most vehicles the connector is located at the driver's compartment. Once the diagnostic code scanner is plugged in you can retrieve auto diagnostic codes the engine computer has stored in its memory. These auto diagnostic codes are the same codes the dealer and repair shops use to replace sensors and clear codes.

Correct computer system function is essential for your car's engine to operate properly. Many engine run-ability problems can be related to a weak or failing sensor producing a diagnostic trouble code. Problems can range from hard cold engine starting, low power and stalling while driving. I will tell you the Storage environment for FCAR below.

Acquire knowledge of car diagnostic scanner, which is very vital since it enables you to not only operate it successfully but also identify its various functionality purposes. Technical terms are used to differentiate the various parts of the auto scan tools, and a base of knowledge of the device will be of tremendous help. Once you have become familiarized with the various terms and parts of the car diagnostic tool, you can proceed with comparison of the different automotive diagnostic scan tools. After compare you will find Fcar automotive scan tool is a good choice for you,it have big color touch screen, high resolution display integrated structural design.
Now I'll give you four tips to take care of your Fcar touch screen Touch screen Care.
1)Dust may be accumulated on the LCD screen due to electrostatic. Suggest to buy the special LCD screen wiper to clean the screen gently.
2)Don’t wipe the screen with bare finger to avoid fingerprint attached. Never use chemicals to clear the screen.
3)Never put FCAR to close the electromagnetic wave products to avoid any effect on the screen
4)Never put FCAR in direct sunlight or ultraviolet radiation for long time to extend the life of screen.

The Storage environment for FCAR diagnostic code scanner
1)Store FCAR on a flat and dry place with suitable temperature.
2)Never put FCAR in direct sunlight or near to the heating source.
3)Never put FCAR auto scan tool in the magnetic field.
4)  Avoid smoke, water and oil to enter FCAR.
5)Avoid shock,dust,moisture and extremely high temperature.
6) Power off the machince and make sure the power cable is removed, then clean the outside surface and touch screen with soft cloth that is dipped with a little water if main unit is dirty.
7)  Periodically startup FCAR main menu.
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