F3-W auto diagnostic scanners Introduction:
As professional multi-functional intelligentized automobile diagnostic computer equipment, FCAR Series products follow International Standard Design. With the big color touch screen, high resolution display integrated structural design, single-track working and touch operation etc these special designs make you feel more easily, conveniently and faster during diagnosis. In addition, FCAR F3-W auto scanner adopts smooth features drive technology and has good extensibility,
The hardcore follows the international advanced modularized design technology, with the excellent performance of high speed , stability, data collection accurate, etc.
With openning structure design and independent operating system, making the upgrade of system software and diagnostic software more convenient in the furture.

 F3-W auto diagnostic tool working power supply is from Vehicle storage battery which can meet the voltage change between 9~27V. Internal power supply is designed by separating power supply which can avoid products to be damaged when vehicle voltage is abnormal.
Good extensibility, F3-W car diagnostic scanners communication interface adopts flexible drive circuit which not only can satisfy the current auto bus type test,but also the auto bus type test in the furture. Built-in high and low speed CAN-BUS, to satisfy the CAN-BUS electronic control system vehicles , Just only one diagnostic interface can test all of vehicles with CAN-BUS. F3-W vehicle diagnostic equipment Support All OBD-II protocols.

Build-in high speed thermal Printer to be convenient to record the data and save Trouble code etc..
Screen follows International standard LED true-color industry touch-screen. It is good guaranteed
under strong sunshine and poor conditions
Multi-language operation edition which can meet different countries and areas demand and use.
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