Today's car is a very advanced machine. Long gone are the days when your mechanic would take the whole day inspecting the engine and other components in order to diagnose the vehicle's fault. With the installation of the car computer on most vehicles, diagnoses have become simpler and faster.

Most vehicles manufactured between 1992 and 1995 have an On Board Diagnostics I (OBD I) facility while those manufactured after 1996 have the OBD II. OBDs are defined as the electronic systems installed in cars to help in regulating and optimizing engine performance. This system however needs an auto diagnostic tool for the car owner or mechanic to be able to analyse the fault the car is experiencing.

So how does the automotive scan tools work?And how to use auto diagnostic scanners to analyze fault,the following will tell you.

Fault Analysis auto diagnostic scanner
To analyze according to reading data stream, the vehicle engine still cold water temperature sensor data stream is 95 degrees, the intake pressure sensor data 120kPa. Start the engine, after idle for some time no change in water temperature data, depresses the accelerator pedal to increase engine speed, view the data stream, intake air pressure sensor data is still 120kpa unchanged, indicating that the water temperature sensor and intake air pressure sensor data is abnormal (see data stream of this vehicle in Table 2, Table 3 are data stream that has some changes), initially judge water temperature sensor and intake air pressure sensor part is defective.
Check water temperature sensor and intake air pressure sensor, both of which were found abnormal, to be replaced.

Replace water temperature sensor see Pic.2,inlet pressure sensor see Pic.3. Use menu on Fcar auto diagnostic scanners menu to clear DTC,display clear success,Read DTC, system normal,road test,fault disappear,completely remove fault.
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