Test procedures of FCAR F3 OBD auto scanner  series include European series, Asian series, American series, domestic series, OBDII / EOBD, CANBUS six series.
European series include the mainstream model of European countries.
Asian series include Japan, South Korea and some models of Southeast Asian countries.
American series include part of models of American countries.
Domestic series, including the model of major automotive companies that currently set up factories in China.
OBDII / EOBD uses CAN BUS to diagnose new control system of all engine system.
System Settings
Select the menu 【System settings】with the touch pen at the top of desktop, then appears the sub-menu of the system setting menu.
【System information】
【Touch screen adjustment】
【User information】
【System theme】
【Language setting】
【System activation】
System Information
Select 【System Information】and entered, the OBD readers main menu pop-up dialog box for the hardware information, operating system version, software version, database version, memory information of product in current use. Operating the button【OK】 on the left side of menu to return to previous menu.
Operate 【diagnose】 button on the right side of the menu, then the device will diagnose automatically.
System Diagnosis
This feature is used for checking Fcar F3 OBD readers series whether with hardware problems by operating the 【Diagnosis】 button.
If the main unit hardware failure, then the main menu will prompt the appearance of fault code in testing, According to fault code, you can consult Fcar company after-sales service department to handle it.

Touch Screen Adjustment
This feature is used in the operation of main unit functions, when using touch pen to select the OBD car scanner main menu, the main unit entered is offset with the actual selection of the menu screen the screen deviation needs adjustment. Screen can be adjusted at the time of starting up.

Menu Screen adjustment: In the System Settings menu, select 【Touch screen adjustment】 to enter adjustment procedure, the main unit screen prompts 【Please click cross cursor (the more accurate the better for your adjustment)】. According to the prompts click the cross in turn on the screen with the touch pen. (Cross cursor in the four corners of the LCD screen respectively). After entering the adjustment mode will display the menu.
After adjustment and the main unit shows correct information,  log on to the desktop menu.
Note: when can not adjust through the touch screen adjustment menu, you can adjust it at the time of starting up.

User Information
After user purchase equipment, fill in information by themselves: Company name (can fill in company name or individual name), address (to help customers who need repairs easy to find the detailed address), zip code, telephone, fax, support, website, email. Information about the user. After finished input press 【OK】 button to save, press 【Cancel】 button to cancel the save.
Note: when input must first select the right input location.【capital】 in keyboard area of the bottom of the screen is for change case. 【ZhCH】 is  for conversion between Chinese and English.【Letters 】 is used for conversion between the letters and numbers. 【Back】 is for user to delete the inputted error character or letter.
System Theme
Used for setting programs menu background . This theme comprise a total of five settings for selection : the classical theme, blue theme, green theme yellow theme, Grey theme, The Setting of the theme is based on working environment to avoid the visual gap between different environments. When setting  select the appropriate theme in the system settings dialog, you can click on the small box behind the theme to select, then click on 【OK 】button to save. Press 【Cancel】 button to cancel this operation.
Note: If change the theme on the menu, you need to restart the main unit to make the new theme taken effect.

Language Setting
The menu is used for the setting of the main unit language type. This machine offers four options: simplified Chinese, English, Russian, Traditional Chinese . When setting select the appropriate language in the Language dialog, you can select by clicking on the small box behind the theme, then click【OK】 button to save. Press 【Cancel】 button to cancel this operation.
Note: If change language type on the menu, you need to restart the main unit to have the new language patterns taken effect.
System activation
FCAR OBD II code reader main unit when leaving factory has not been permanently activated, it only can operate 50times use (only after the user purchased, the user can activate the device through FCAR website or Email to FCAR service people. (some customer request to active by FCAR when shipping ).
System active detail method pls ref. 6.1.
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