F3-W gasoline car scanner function:Testing the global mainstream gasoline + 12V diesel vehicles, reaching to the same effect with the OEM car scanner. Built-in high and low speed CAN-BUS,one diagnostic connector can test all the CAN-BUS vehicles. Support almost all OBD- II protocols. The following are some questions for using OBD11 scanner to diagnostic vehicle.     
Questions for using auto scanner to diagnostic vehicle

1: Split Second Screen Flickers During Engine Starting
Possible Cause: Effected by electromagnetism,or the battery voltage fluctuate is large when
Startup vehicles.
Solution: it is the normal phenomena(just try to avoid power on when start the engine)
2: Operation Interrupted During Diagnosis
Possible Cause: Effected by electromagnetism,or the connector to the socket is not tight
Solution: Depart from engine compartment with strong electromagnetism environment, turn off the high-power acoustics, check OBD 11 scanner main unit connector..
3:There Is No Response From Vehicle ECU at Communication
Possible Cause: Supply power voltage is out of the normal range; the Throttle Valve is not
closed, Transmission is in “D”; Turn on by electrical appliances, Water temperature is out of the normal range
Solution: Inspect the supply power voltage, close the throttle valve;put the transmission in “P”;Turn off the electrical appliances, make sure the water temperature is in normal range.
4: Some Systems Can’t Be Diagnosed
Possible Cause:Few system diagnostic sockets in the forepart vehicles are separated.
Solution: Search the most similar trouble code and the circuit to analyse
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