Q: Can Fcar scanner adjust 2009 Jetta meter, and how?

  A: Part of VW models can be adjusted by Fcar scanner, need to know whether the meter has this function or not, the instrument system program installed of Jetta models is different based on different price, configuration. Meters of Jetta models from the end of 2006 to the end of 2008 and after 2009 can be adjusted, the reasons for unable to adjust meter are the following:
 (1) This car is old instrument; factory manufacturers do not set this feature.
 (2) This car is the latest instrument; instruments need to be removed to weld and take chip out, and update data.
 (3) Use scanner to enter VW system [dashboard combination (anti-theft)] - [Expert Function] - [Adjust odometer]- follow the prompt to enter the desired number of miles, and then click OK to complete.
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