Q: Honda CRV's CD player locked up, and whether Fcar scanner can unlock and how?

  A: The CD of Honda CRV is manually unlock, can not be unlocked with tools, unlocking method as follows:
  (1) This car has been set with original factory CD unlock code, which need to be offered wby owner, open Audio, the display shows CODE words, which the letter C flashing, indicating sound locked, enter the number provided by owner into display, at last display shows a radio frequency, audio unlock.
  (2) If the owner can not provide the original code, there is a universal code is 34443. Decode  can be entered in accordance with equence code. And also by this analogy,the original code can be found between 11111-66666 in the original cod till the Audio unlocked.Each time of audi decode input only allows 3 times of code input,if more than three times, need to disconnect the battery to recover memory.
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