1 Split Second Screen Flickers during Engine Starting
Possible Cause: Effected by electromagnetism, or the battery voltage fluctuation is serious when startup vehicles.
Solution: It is the normal phenomena(just try to avoid power on when start the engine).

2 Operation Interrupted During Diagnosis
Possible Cause: Effected by electromagnetism, or the connector to the socket is not tight.
Solution: Depart from engine compartment with strong electromagnetism environment, turn off the high-power acoustics, and check main unit connector.

3 There Is No Response from Vehicle ECU at Communication
Possible Cause: Supply power voltage is out of the normal range. The Throttle Valve is not closed, transmission in 【D】, turned on by electrical appliances and water temperature is out of the normal range.
Solution: Inspect the supply power voltage, close the throttle valve and put transmission in 【P】. Turn off the electrical appliance and make sure the water temperature is in normal range.

4 Some Systems Cannot Be Diagnosed
Possible Cause: Few system diagnostic sockets in the forepart vehicles are separated.
Solution: Please Ref. the vehicle user manual.

5 No Trouble Code Is Found
Possible Cause: Usually for the third part trouble code of common circuit.
Solution: Search the most similar trouble code and the circuit to analyze.
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