Product Description
Fcar F501 EOBD/ OBDII Code Reader is an ergonomic designed device to provide quick and easy diagnosis of vehicle engine system. It can easily display Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) definitions and determine the cause of “Check Engine Light  ( MIL)” when used  to diagnose OBDII/EOBD compliant vehicles, which enables  vehicle owners or technicians  to enjoy easier diagnosis experience.

◆Support gasoline cars (1996~2013) which have OBDⅡ/EOBD and are used in areas like America, Europe and Asia;
◆Check fault code general (P0、P2、P3、U0) and particular cars (P1、P3、U1);
◆Display definitions of real-time data and storage and confirm “check the reasons of  Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) of the engine;
◆Clear malfunction fault code and reset historical storage, and turn off the MIL of the engine;
◆Display freeze frame data;
◆Retrieve vehicle information (VIN、CIN、CVN) 





◆ Read Stored Codes

◆ Read Pending Codes

◆ Erase Codes

◆Read Freeze Frame

◆Current Data

◆I/M Readiness

◆ O2 Monitor Test

◆On-Board Monitor Test

◆Component Test

◆ Vehicle Information

◆ DTC Lookup


Product Parameters


Screen size

2.8 inch  320×240  LCD

Work voltage

8V ~ 32V

Work current

Typical value <100mA

Connection method

Standard 16-PIN OBD diagnostic connector

Working temperature

0℃~ 50℃

Storage environment temperature


Relative humidity


Product size(mm)


Weight of the main unit


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